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自動化實驗室 - 風琴護罩產生器 Bellow Cover Generator

前言 Preface

  1. 本產生器是產生一般型式的風琴護罩 Bellow Cover 圖案為準。
  2. This generator is designed to creating normal bellow cover pattern.
  3. 生成之檔案為 GRBL 之 CNC 指令碼。
  4. The code created is compatible with G-code for GRBL CNC.
  5. CNC 指令碼的目的為透過 GRBL 控制 CNC 以原子筆尖在投影片上壓出護罩摺痕。
  6. Load this code into GRBL will drive your CNC (z-axis with ball pen) to draw the pattern on the projector film.
  7. 完成後再手動摺出護罩型態即可使用。
  8. Then you may fold this projector film to become a bellow cover by hand.

參數 Parameters

寬度 Width *

高度 Height *

摺高 Fold height *

摺數 Fold counts *

首摺方向 Direction of the first fold *

壓痕速度 Feed rate*
mm per minute