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原文網址 Fabio Hasseck
2019-12-09 15:09:09

ATOM 3D Printers
2019-12-09 16:52:26


原文網址 Fabio Hasseck
2019-11-02 21:47:55

Atom 2.5 EX
Cura 4.3.0
Material: Gold PLA, Hatchbox.
Wall thickness: 0.8 mm, speed: 60 mm/s, temp: 210 degrees.
Seam corner preference: Hide.
Combing mode: All.
I Was told I should make it start each layer randomly in order to avoid that line on the print, but I can't find the proper setting, does anyone know which is it?
Does it also matter that the walls are printed before the infill?


原文網址 Fabio Hasseck
2019-02-15 01:34:40

原文網址 Fabio Hasseck
2019-02-08 21:20:23

原文網址 Fabio Hasseck
2019-01-06 04:45:13

原文網址 Fabio Hasseck
2019-01-05 20:47:21

Printed on Atom 2.5 EX


原文網址 Fabio Hasseck
2019-01-01 01:43:38

原文網址 Fabio Hasseck
2018-12-15 18:43:54

原文網址 Fabio Hasseck
2018-12-06 04:06:19

How to set newer versions of Cura to work with Atom 2.5 EX?
And how to dual color print with new Cura versions?


原文網址 Fabio Hasseck
2018-12-05 05:46:45

Help needed.
I recently have problems when trying to dual color print.
I have designed a goblet in Fusion360 which I want to print in two colors.
I'm using Cura version 15.04.6, Dual extrusion switch amount is set to 120 mm as I was told it should be.
The problems are these:
File generated by cura itself move extruder 2 too much and as a result the first layer of the second color will not bind well to the bed unless I pause the print as it start and manually push part of the second filament back (via the extruder knob), however that recently has caused both filaments on both extruder to either grind and lose grip or to outright break.
This happens regardless to the file I try to print, as long as it is dual color print.
I tried to adjust the gcode for the model I created to fix the distance of both filaments but it return to the first problem where too much is pulled out.

Attached are both gcode files as well as STL of the model I wanted to print.
How can I solve this problem?
Printer is Atom 2.5 EX



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