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原文網址 Harry Cayne
2017-10-23 14:52:20

Hi Folks, how do you deactivate the logo in the simplify profile (FFF) ?


2017-10-23 15:08:17

delete it.

Harry Cayne
2017-10-23 15:19:27

Thanks, but nothing else will disappear ?

原文網址 Harry Cayne
2017-08-04 17:25:29

原文網址 Harry Cayne
2017-08-03 15:30:59

Check my Super Light Printhead, heated chamber compatible under 100g with extruder


Vincent Liu
2017-08-03 15:59:59

Water cooling system??

Birk Binnard
2017-08-04 00:31:56

Is this avaiablefor purchase? How difficult would it be to adapt it to the Atom2 carrier? Is there anything connected to the hotend beyond:
1. Wires for heater & thermistor
2. Wires for extruder motor …… 查看更多

Harry Cayne
2017-08-04 16:00:02

Yes, the final version will be for sale ! Carriage needs a fish-eye adapter and different parallel rods, couple lines changed in Marlin the rest is coming with the print head, the water chiller mount will be self printable !

Harry Cayne
2017-08-04 17:24:19

final version will have out of chamber cooling, too : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvPdoUrlAV4

原文網址 Harry Cayne
2017-06-21 17:57:05

Why does my nozzle temperature drop to 167•C while printing and never reach up to 185C just before starting to print?


Minan Ching
2017-06-21 20:22:43

To check mother board and nozzle's line is contact or not,maybe the line presss by Bad holder or others. I thinking...

Harry Cayne
2017-06-23 19:29:47

the fan is cooling in excess, I had to set it to 60%

原文網址 Harry Cayne
2017-05-29 02:45:46

Can you post a Simplify FFF profile for the EX 2.5 dual ?


Rick Yang
2017-05-29 09:24:22

There is no formal Simplify FFF for EX 2.5 dual from ATOM team, but u could try this one, which created from a power user 黃大丙 , the latest version I remember is R13. Including me, many users use this file to print wonderful dual color products. https://www.facebook.com/groups/atom3dp/1828402630731357/

原文網址 Harry Cayne
2017-05-02 15:48:32

What do you think about https://www.mosaicmanufacturing.com/ ?


2017-05-02 17:47:47


原文網址 Harry Cayne
2017-04-01 19:33:26

Hi all, could you recommend a software for creating G-code for drilling holes on the Atom with a small dc spindle mounted instead of the printhead?


原文網址 Harry Cayne
2017-02-28 15:09:39

Hi everybody, if only my minimum Z endlimit switch is optical and the rest stayed analog but I updated to dual printhead on 2.0 machine, how do I change the EX 2.5 firmware to be right ? Thanks


2017-02-28 17:32:46

In Marlin_main.cpp
case 0: <-- atom 2.0
case 1: <-- atom 2.5 …… 查看更多

Harry Cayne
2017-02-28 22:05:02

Thanks but that's all it doesn't matter if it is optical or mechanical switch ?

2017-02-28 23:25:11

Yes, the main difference between the switches is the on/off status, it should be find after inverting the setting.

Harry Cayne
2017-02-28 23:49:26

Thank you!

原文網址 Harry Cayne
2016-12-08 18:10:01


What do you think about heating the printing chamber with this dirt cheap carbon foil heater ?



Clarence Lee
2016-12-08 23:13:27

Warm bed, usually useful for PLA

原文網址 Harry Cayne
2016-10-19 03:51:50

Did anybody try to print PET-G without heating bed? Is it possible on the atom 2.0?


2016-10-19 09:30:32

More likely to fail,No heat bed

Clarence Lee
2016-10-19 12:23:20

turn off the side fan

Harry Cayne
2016-10-19 14:36:36

How hot should be the nozzle?

2016-10-19 15:01:53


Charlie Ting
2016-10-20 00:39:35

10~20 degrees higher than PLA

2016-10-20 23:58:40

Brim 10mm wide 0.3mm thick


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