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原文網址 Tobey Tamber
2019-12-17 12:34:38

Hi all, sorry to bother you with more problems. Things printed well for a long time, then I ran into a problem. The temperature moves up to 200 and stops heating, and the print won't start. It stays at the temperature in the first picture. I tried changing Max temp (to 200, from 210) with no success. I checked the FAQ for hotend problems and that suggested pronterface. Can't connect the printer to pronterface, and get the error shown in the 2nd picture.

I cooled down, then restarted the printer. It worked once, then the next print had the same issues. Now I can't get it to print even after several restarts.

Any ideas? It's time for Christmas printing.


Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-12-17 12:47:30

That happen to me a month ago and it will get worst to a time will say

I did my research and I obviously asked Atom support. Here are the first thing to do...
1. Check connection
2. Check if “heat-disc” is damaged And check the wiring for any crimp or little cuts.
3. Check connection in board. Unplug and check if solder is damaged, even behind the board must check for damaged solder.
4. If all of above has been done and still no luck. You may need to change the thermal resistor in the cooler block or the heat disc. And wrap it some kapton tape around the cooler block to prevent heat escape.
Good luck!

Tobey Tamber
2019-12-17 13:11:35

I was touching the wires above the fans and one was very hot. When I lifted them, the temperature started to rise and it worked! It seems the wires must have been blocking the airflow, and not letting it heat the last 5 degrees
Repositioning the wires got it started!

Tobey Tamber
2019-12-17 13:11:38


2019-12-17 13:16:13

Try to use your finger to stop the back fan first.
If the temp can sucessfully reach to 210 degree C after the fan stops, please use PTFE tape to wrap the nozzle.
It can prevent the Thermistor from the fan air.

it should be able to fix the problem.

Tobey Tamber
2019-12-17 13:22:38


原文網址 John Wachowski
2019-06-03 09:56:52

After successfully swapping out my stock Atom board with a Duet, I finally got inspired to install my enclosure and the Dyze Design filament run out sensors. Next step is swapping the PTFE tubes with Capricorn tubing so I can get up to 275 degrees celsius at the nozzle safely, and make the boden a little more tolerant to lower shore hardness TPUs.


ATOM 3D Printers
2019-06-03 10:47:03

Amazing works!

Birk Binnard
2019-06-03 21:06:16

What is better about the duet board? Does it have better stepper drivers?

John Wachowski
2019-06-03 22:50:03

Birk Binnard live firmware updates, better drivers, web interface. A lot more expansion. More importantly it's a 32-bit board which gives you better performance on calculating delta kinematics in comparison to the 8-bit board.

Sébastien Pierre
2019-06-05 18:54:23

I'm in the process of doing the same, but I'm replacing the effector with a smart effector and an E3D V6. The Atom never printer properly for me, the filament always got clogged at some point. Now I'm finally able to source parts in North America, which is a big relief.

Birk Binnard
2019-06-05 23:11:41

Yes, nozzle clogs seem to be the great nemesis of the Atom design. I tried using a Mini hotend but that got clogged too and there's no way to torch it without pretty much destroying it. So I went back to one of the beta nozzles used during the 2.5 EX d evelopment process.

I put a longer PTFE tube in it that comes very close to meeting the end of the external PTFE tube from the extruder. That seems to make a big difference. I also put connectors on all the wires coming out of the end effector so I can switch without having to re-string everything through the Bowden wrapper.

John Wachowski
2019-06-07 00:28:39

I would be really interested in what you come up with. Let me know if you need help, because I am wanting to switch to an all metal hot end too. You might want to look at a Zesty Nimble as an extruder too.

John Wachowski
2019-06-07 00:33:36

The joined PTFE should come pretty much flush with the one going into the nozzle. I know I had to swap out what ever was in there for are 35mm one or something.

Sébastien Pierre
2019-06-07 10:15:30

I got the printer running, but it's in an intermediate state where I need to print some more pieces to work properly. The V6 is a major change, I don't have any of the issues I had with the Atom effector (ie. Low flow and extruder jamming). The main th ing at the moment is recalibration as the geometry is different with the smart effector. I'm now trying to mount the smart effector on top of the Atom effector platform, it seems like it might work. I'll keep you posted. I also have a Titan extruder that I intend to mount, I'm currently using a first gen Dyze Extruder, as I had issues with the Atom extruder.

John Wachowski
2019-06-11 15:37:30

Word of warning, PTFE is all the same. Going hotter than 260 will start off gas, even thr capricorn tubes. They just take longer to degrade.

Yinka Alade
2019-12-12 23:28:06

Would the duet work for the Atom 2.0?

John Wachowski
2019-12-12 23:36:10

Yinka Alade yeah, no reason it shouldn't work. You do have to do some degree of rewiring and recrimping, but it's not something too difficult.

Gbb Technics
2019-12-13 05:01:48

I'm on the way to switch my motherboard to Duet2 Wifi. I have the Duet board, but not the screen touch for the moment.

John Wachowski
2019-12-13 05:38:18

I'd be happy to help anyway I can if you have questions or issues. I love the Duet, and it was a fun upgrade to do.

原文網址 Birk Binnard
2019-05-09 05:06:32

Never mind - I fixed it by installing an OLD version of Arduino: Ver. 1.0.5-r2 (whatever that is)

Error uploading firmware

I get this error uploading current ATOM-208B-20180329-Firmware using Arduino 1.8.9 to my Atom2:

Sketch uses 119194 bytes (46%) of program storage space. Maximum is 253952 bytes.
Global variables use 4712 bytes (57%) of dynamic memory, leaving 3480 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 8192 bytes.
java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "___REMOVE___/bin/avrdude": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified
at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(ProcessBuilder.java:1048)
at processing.app.helpers.ProcessUtils.exec(ProcessUtils.java:26)

Google found another person with this same error on 17 May 2019 but there was no fix given. Could it be a JAVA bug?


原文網址 Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2019-04-20 22:28:16

Wondering if anyone had the chance to use “iceSL Slicer” ?
I’ve been reviewing and trying to incorporate to ATOM but I need to set the slicer to our delta printer.

Any input will greatly appreciate.



原文網址 Birk Binnard
2019-04-01 06:32:44

Changing hotend

I'm currently in the process of changing the hotend on my Atom 2 printer. The following blog page documents my progress so far. Please let me know if you have comments, questions, or suggestions about the page. (It's going to get a lot longer.)


原文網址 Todd Whetstone
2019-02-14 15:20:36

Hey all, I'm currently in the process of building my Neutron printer and I was wondering if someone could link me to a proper writing diagram for the MEGA2560+Ramps 1.4. I want to make sure I have all my axis' and end stops in the proper place when wiring. Thank you for any help I can get.

大家好, 我目前正在建造中子印表機, 我想知道是否有人可以把我連結到mega2560+ramps 1.4. 的合適的寫作圖, 我想確保我所有的axi have all my axi 電線時合適的地方. 謝謝你的幫助我可以得到.

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原文網址 Joe Abaquin Bing Aquino
2018-12-29 02:23:34

I have the Atom 2.0 and I know I updated the firmware to 2.0.7 which also reads out in the screen.

My question now, is my printer ready for heat-bed upgrade? Or do I still need to update to different version?

I have bought all the necessary stuff to install a heat-bed, did my research and very confident now that I won’t burn the house. Greatly appreciate for any response guys.


原文網址 Birk Binnard
2018-12-28 03:24:16

Has my Atom2 Motherboard gone crazy?

When I issue a Home command from the control panel the X & Y columns do the right thing, but the Z column moves down about 1 CM total. The video shows this. The same thing happens happens when I use the Home All command from the S3D Machine Control panel.

However, if I sends command from S3D to move up or down they work OK. The X, Y, and Z columns also move correctly on an individual basis. So I think the steppers are all working OK.

I tried Reload FailSafe and that did not change anything.

Could this be caused by a short in the Z Limit switch or wiring? I've got a replacement limit switch I can swap in if necessary. Or should I try reloading the firmware?


2018-12-28 03:34:08

check Button line use Electric meter and motherboard hole maybe just with ease

Birk Binnard
2018-12-28 04:52:32

Reloading firmware did not help. I swapped stepper controller circuit boards between 2nd extruder (which I know works but don't use) and Z stepper - no change in behavior.

Found problem II hope) : Motherboard is not getting signal from Z-Min endstop. Must have broken wire someplace.

Justin Nardone
2018-12-28 06:55:17

Shouldn’t the end stop it be plugged into the Z Max socket on the Atom board?

Birk Binnard
2018-12-28 07:33:40

Yes, and it is. But I've unplugged both wires from the motherboard and connected them to a multimeter. The meter reads nothing when the end stop is depressed. So either the end stop itself is bad or there's a broken wire somewhere.

What' confusing to me is why that kind of problem would produce the results shown in the video. I would guess the Z-axis would just crash into the top of the rail and keep trying to go up. But this is not what happens at all.

Birk Binnard
2018-12-28 08:17:05

I hooked up an extra switch to the Z-Max motherboard connectors using it's own wires. It works OK. So it's either the original switch or the wires between it and the motherboard that is bad. I'll try using this switch on the Z columns to see if that fixes the Home issue.

Birk Binnard
2018-12-28 09:02:28

The new switch and wires work OK. Now I have to figure out if the original problem is bad wiring or a bad switch.

Justin Nardone
2018-12-28 12:05:44

If the switch is wired NC (normally closed) that is exactly the behavior you should get. That prevents the motor from moving up in a homing situation. I.e if a wire or the switch is broken with a NC setup the motor won’t smash against the top of the printer and potentially damage it. If you have a Normally Open system with a broken wire the system won’t know either way and would hit the end of travel.

Birk Binnard
2018-12-28 13:26:47

Atom doesn't tell us if the switches are NC or NO. My guess is NO. But in either case I still have to figure out if it's the switch or wiring that's bad. I'm hoping it's the switch because I don't think it's possible to replace the wiring without disassembling 1/3 of the printer.

Ya Hsuan Wu
2018-12-29 02:32:55

you can try to
Restore memory & run Auto calibration & auto level

Birk Binnard
2018-12-29 03:07:54

Surprisingly the problem was a bad micro-switch. This was fortuitous because I was able to use the existing wires. It was a bit tricky splicing in the leads from the new switch, but I was able to do it without breaking anything else.

原文網址 李世偉
2018-11-18 19:49:26

大家好!!!請問一下cura 更新到15.04.6後要上ATOM官方網站下載Cura 15.04.6 單料列印設定檔,windows系統的話是不是只要將Atomsingle這個檔案丟到\Cura_15.04.6\resources\machine_profiles裡面就可以了呢??

2018-11-18 20:35:51


2018-11-19 08:56:59

對的! 如果不太清楚的話,下載連結旁邊也有教學可以點選!

原文網址 Patricio Ortiz
2018-08-17 01:09:07

Thank you for the discount offer for the DIY kits of 2.5 model.
Please, why don´t you extend the sale to the accessories like spare extruders for those like me who paid the full price for a 2.5 EX?