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ATOM 3D Printer Group 造訪社團 » 用戶發文

原文網址 John Wachowski
2019-11-22 05:32:24

After getting my Atom tuned in, it's not looking too bad.


Tyler Ray
2019-11-22 08:16:48

That looks awesome

原文網址 John Wachowski
2019-11-14 09:41:56

Does anyone know when the all metal hotends / effectors are going to be available?


2019-11-14 12:34:58

Maybe you should contact official atom by mail,cuz 2.5ex is no longer available

2019-11-14 13:33:48

For Atom3?

原文網址 John Wachowski
2019-06-19 15:18:09

Here is the Dyze Design optical filament run out sensor mount if anyone wants to use it for their printer. It can be printed without supports, but you can use one on the arch depending on what you're printing with or how much you care.


Sébastien Pierre
2019-06-19 22:37:08

Cool, what software did you use to create the model?

John Wachowski
2019-06-19 23:44:13

I used Inventor. Fusion 360 would work too.

原文網址 John Wachowski
2019-06-11 17:52:23

I created a mod log for the work I am doing on my Atom 2.5 EX. Once I get more core functionality done, I will be uploading the Duet 2 WiFi firmware to GitHub. I will branch off the parts that wouldn't work on the stock 2.5 EX. Feel free to weight in and give me input.

The first description has some goals of what I have on my road map.


2019-06-11 19:03:19

I aso changed to duet wifi, but I am thinking maybe duet maestro is more suitable for atom.
I can share the experience after some test

Sébastien Pierre
2019-06-11 19:33:44

Amazing, thanks for sharing! How did you do the enclosure? The acrylic seems embossed, but maybe it's flat.

原文網址 John Wachowski
2019-06-03 09:56:52

After successfully swapping out my stock Atom board with a Duet, I finally got inspired to install my enclosure and the Dyze Design filament run out sensors. Next step is swapping the PTFE tubes with Capricorn tubing so I can get up to 275 degrees celsius at the nozzle safely, and make the boden a little more tolerant to lower shore hardness TPUs.


ATOM 3D Printers
2019-06-03 10:47:03

Amazing works!

Birk Binnard
2019-06-03 21:06:16

What is better about the duet board? Does it have better stepper drivers?

John Wachowski
2019-06-03 22:50:03

Birk Binnard live firmware updates, better drivers, web interface. A lot more expansion. More importantly it's a 32-bit board which gives you better performance on calculating delta kinematics in comparison to the 8-bit board.

Sébastien Pierre
2019-06-05 18:54:23

I'm in the process of doing the same, but I'm replacing the effector with a smart effector and an E3D V6. The Atom never printer properly for me, the filament always got clogged at some point. Now I'm finally able to source parts in North America, which is a big relief.

Birk Binnard
2019-06-05 23:11:41

Yes, nozzle clogs seem to be the great nemesis of the Atom design. I tried using a Mini hotend but that got clogged too and there's no way to torch it without pretty much destroying it. So I went back to one of the beta nozzles used during the 2.5 EX d evelopment process.

I put a longer PTFE tube in it that comes very close to meeting the end of the external PTFE tube from the extruder. That seems to make a big difference. I also put connectors on all the wires coming out of the end effector so I can switch without having to re-string everything through the Bowden wrapper.

John Wachowski
2019-06-07 00:28:39

I would be really interested in what you come up with. Let me know if you need help, because I am wanting to switch to an all metal hot end too. You might want to look at a Zesty Nimble as an extruder too.

John Wachowski
2019-06-07 00:33:36

The joined PTFE should come pretty much flush with the one going into the nozzle. I know I had to swap out what ever was in there for are 35mm one or something.

Sébastien Pierre
2019-06-07 10:15:30

I got the printer running, but it's in an intermediate state where I need to print some more pieces to work properly. The V6 is a major change, I don't have any of the issues I had with the Atom effector (ie. Low flow and extruder jamming). The main th ing at the moment is recalibration as the geometry is different with the smart effector. I'm now trying to mount the smart effector on top of the Atom effector platform, it seems like it might work. I'll keep you posted. I also have a Titan extruder that I intend to mount, I'm currently using a first gen Dyze Extruder, as I had issues with the Atom extruder.

John Wachowski
2019-06-11 15:37:30

Word of warning, PTFE is all the same. Going hotter than 260 will start off gas, even thr capricorn tubes. They just take longer to degrade.

Yinka Alade
2019-12-12 23:28:06

Would the duet work for the Atom 2.0?

John Wachowski
2019-12-12 23:36:10

Yinka Alade yeah, no reason it shouldn't work. You do have to do some degree of rewiring and recrimping, but it's not something too difficult.

Gbb Technics
2019-12-13 05:01:48

I'm on the way to switch my motherboard to Duet2 Wifi. I have the Duet board, but not the screen touch for the moment.

John Wachowski
2019-12-13 05:38:18

I'd be happy to help anyway I can if you have questions or issues. I love the Duet, and it was a fun upgrade to do.

原文網址 John Wachowski
2019-06-02 16:40:49

I'm using the Atom 2.5 EX and replacing the PTFE tubes coming out of the extruders. Does anyone know what angle they need to be cut at the Y joined section so they join up appropriately?


Birk Binnard
2019-06-02 21:23:05

When the 2.5 EX was in early development Atom provided an STL file that made a box with some slits that could be used with an X-Acto knife to trim the PTFE tubes at the proper angle. I printed it and it worked fairly well. I don't seem to have the STL file anymore, but I can measure the angle and tell you what it is. I'll post that info on Tuesday.

Birk Binnard
2019-06-04 11:58:36

Well my memory was a bit fuzzy - the box has a straight slit for the knife and 2 curved openings for the PTFE tubes. Here's a link for the box STL file: https://drive.google.com/....../1z2JepmP....../view......

John Wachowski
2019-06-06 10:05:04

Looks like it came out pretty good and lined up perfectly. Much better than the ptfe tubes that came in the kit.

原文網址 John Wachowski
2019-05-30 11:00:34

I think I made progress, but still could use some help identifying what is going on here. It looks like massive over extrusion, but I'm not positive. Maybe bump down my acceleration on the extrusion steppers or something?

UPDATE: It appears the g-code from Atom support was sliced with something incompatible with the RepRap firmware that comes with the Duet board. I sliced my own stuff using "5D absolute" for extrusion and everything is good to go now. If anyone else has this problem it's likely because you're using incompatible g-code.


Birk Binnard
2019-05-31 02:13:26

Looks like massive over extrusion to me too. Easiest way to verify this is to set the slicer's Extrusion Multiplier to a number lower than 1.0. Try 0.5 to start with since it looks like you've got twice as much filament being extruded.

Note that the b oard's firmware has parameters defining the diameter of the extrude gear (and other things) that actually determine how much filament gets extruded by the GCode the firmware processes. So it could be that your extruder gear is larger than the firmware thinks it is.

John Wachowski
2019-05-31 02:18:34

This was most likely what it was. I updated the post and now have a working printer once again.

Birk Binnard
2019-05-31 02:23:19

Congrats for getting it sorted. Have you tried doing an AutoLevel? A "quirk" of the Atom firmware is that it inverts the Z-Min microswitch setting which is not the case with standard Marlin firmware and I suspect not with other flavors also.

John Wachowski
2019-05-31 02:27:16

Birk Binnard with RepRap you can invert the switch to trigger when it goes on or goes off. I will be creating a guide later for upgrading your Atom 2.5 EX to using a Duet 2 board. I'll also be sharing the configs I wrote.

Birk Binnard
2019-05-31 02:28:06


原文網址 John Wachowski
2019-05-19 13:28:49

I finished my conversion to a Duet board, and things are moving (loudly, but moving). I'm having problems with extrusion, and I think it's how I have my extruder motors set. I was printing the test gcode for the 50x50 vase and it's whirling like crazy. I think I messed up a setting. It actually pushed the PTFE feeder tube out.

Does anyone know what I should have these things set at with RepRap?


Birk Binnard
2019-05-20 01:19:27

You should post your info on a Duet message board (if there is one) because that's what is really driving your extruder motors. You can also look at the generated GCode for T0 and T1 - those are the commands that determine which extruder motor is curr ently active. For single extruder printers the default is T0, so if you tell your slicer that you have only one extruder it may not generate any T0 commands. But with dual extruders specified there will definitely be both T0 and T1 commands in the GCode.

Also make sure you have connected your extruder motors to the correct stepper driver connectors on the motherboard. They all look alike and it's easy to get them mixed up.

PS: That light you have on the hotend looks great - what is it? And what powers it?

John Wachowski
2019-05-20 06:50:44

The light is just a 9-30v 80mm ring/halo LED, and I'm running it off of one of my PWM fan headers, so I can actually dim it and stuff.

It's extruding like it's supposed to, it just seems like it's extruding too fast. I will ask on the Duet forum.

John Wachowski
2019-05-20 06:53:48

Here is the amazon link of what I ordered: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078Y6MFNB

Birk Binnard
2019-05-20 12:44:11

Great info - thanks. I'm getting mine now.

John Wachowski
2019-05-20 12:47:54

Birk Binnard here is the mount I am using, and it seems to work fine. I have it zip tied on for now, going print the other one in cf+polycarbonate.


Birk Binnard
2019-05-20 12:54:02

Very good - thanks again. I was considering hot glue but that adapter is probably better.

John Wachowski
2019-05-20 13:00:42

I'm going to use servo tape to seat it permanently.

Birk Binnard
2019-05-20 15:45:38

I printed that Thingiverse part - it doesn't seem to fit very well but it does stay on. Maybe I'll hot glue that to the carrier and then figure a way to attach the light to it.

John Wachowski
2019-05-20 17:40:04

Mine kind of snaps on, but can come off pretty easily. That’s why I was saying servo tape, but I suppose hot glue will work too.

John Wachowski
2019-05-23 23:08:18

Still no response from Atom support. Is there a regional holiday going on that I'm not aware of?

Birk Binnard
2019-05-26 06:14:13

Hey John - I got my 2 ring lights today - they look great. But do you know what that rectangular black piece is for? Will the light work if I cut it off and connect the wires directly to one of the fan wires?

Here's a pic of how I'm attaching mine - I just used the sticky tape on top of the light and stuck it onto the bottom pf the printed adapter you found. The clips holding the adapter on to the bottom carrier aren't great, but seem to be able to hold on well enough.

Holy cow! That puppy is really bright. I did a temporary hookup just to see how it worked and it just about lit up the whole room. I'm tempted to cut off that rectangular thing, but I'm leery of what that might do to my motherboard. There really is no good place to put it if it has to stay.

Birk Binnard
2019-05-26 14:58:17

Never mind - I found the answer. This page shows what's inside the little rectangular thing: https://www.amazon.com/....../ref=sspa_dk_detail_6...... .
So I used an X-Acto knife to pry it open and sure enough there are a couple of components in there surrounded by a piece of heat-shrink insulation. These will be small enough to not cause a problem so I'll do the installation in the morning.

John Wachowski
2019-05-28 09:39:11

Birk Binnard , dont cut that out. That is a resistor to keep the LED from burning up.

原文網址 John Wachowski
2018-11-03 17:44:08

I'm using the Simplify3D profile with the Atom 2.5 EX, and it's pretty solidly dialed in, at the beginning of every print it does the nozzle flush and logo. Is there a way to disable this with a ticker or something? I can't see it in the release notes.



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